We offer specialized professional services in the agrifood sector


Project management of food industries

  • Olive Oil mills, Olive dressing industries
  • Wine industries. Must, liqueur and vinegar factory
  • Dairy Industry. Cheese factory
  • Slaughterhouse, Meat processing facilities.
  • Flour Industry and derivatives
  • Compound Feed mills
  • Fruit and vegetables processing industry
  • Agroenergetic projects: biomass (biofuel) photovoltaic, etc.

Consulting in the development of new business

  • Studies of technico-economic viability
  • Market studies
  • Product Marketing
  • Corporative image
  • Comercial studies
  • Consultancy in the development of new products

Environment and Regional Planning

  • Territorial Planning
  • Land consolidation
  • Division of states, rustic and urban land delimitation
  • Evaluation of natural Resources
  • Ecology and Landscape. Protection and defense of enviroment
  • Cinegetic management
  • Landscape design, gardening, and regeneration of green spaces
  • Sport areas, Golf Courses
  • Environmental Impact Evaluation
  • Environmental audits
  • Energetics audits
  • Environmental direction of civil engineering works

Financial institutions services

We manage parcels of problematic agricultural and food assets creditors’ rights:.

Projects and Construction Work Direction and rural improvement

  • Landslides and levelings
  • Rural paths, rural electrification and water supply
  • Rural houses
  • Greenhouses
  • Silos and grain warehouses
  • Farms
  • Mayze dryers, seed’s selection centres
  • Sewage purification
  • Blending
  • Irrigations:
    • Soil-Plant-Water Studies
    • Quality of water.
    • Irrigable transformation and modernization.
    • Irrigation and pumping systems
    • Supplying, drainage and sewage networks
    • Reservoirs, Tanks, Canals and Ditchs.
    • Hidrogeology and surface

Advising in enterprise resources, strategic and production planning

  • Design, Implementation and Advising of Quality Management Systems: ISO 9001/14001, HACCP, GMP, BRC, etc.
  • Design and implementation of the documentation required by the LOPD.
  • Management of aid and financing
    • Technical assistance on agricultural and industrial management areas:
    • Tillage systems, soil studies, sowing, farming protection, integrated production, ecological
    • griculture
    • Systems of feeding and reproduction of the cattle
    • Planning of farms and agricultural cultivations
    • Genetic improvement of vegetable crops
    • Processes of supplying, storage and transport
    • Viability plans
    • Rationalization of productive processes
  • Consultancy services on management of states and agricultural and food industries

Assessments and Valuations

  • Valuation of agroindustrial Companies
  • Valuation of agroindustrial Assets
  • Assessment of damages
  • Technical Report of Consultant
  • Division of states