Pixafil® Amarillo Polvo 20 is a natural saponified and stabilized extract produced from Marigold flower petals (Tagetes erecta), in powder form. Pixafil® Amarillo Polvo 20 is used as a natural pigment supplement in poultry feeds in order to obtain a golden-yellow color in broiler skin, and a deep orange-yellow color in egg yolks.

Acetoc® y Acemix®

Essential oils. Products obtained from endemic aromatic plants of Spain by steam distillation, without solvents. Natural products used in medicine and food since the antiquity. Acemix is a mixture of synergic essential oils specifically designed for feed industry. It improves digestive processes and feed palatability. It is also a powerful antioxidant.


Frutafeed is a mixture of oligosaccharides from inuline. Inuline is a natural fibre extracted from chicory root. The fructoligosaccharide, commercially known as Frutafeed, is obtained through extraction and purification. Due to its characteristics and prebiotic functions, it can be used in a wide range of compound feeds.